NO.SK: 126/SK/DPP-HPI/I/2011

HPI – Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia or Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (ITGA) is a non profit , non political association which groups together, around Indonesia Republics, a Licensed and Individual Tourist Guides , Honorary Members who have direct attention with Tourist Guide Professionalism.   The HPI’s Main purpose is to group, promote and ensure that tourist guides are recognized as the ambassadors of their country.

Besides HPI purposes to be active in research and tourism development, and as the vehicle to voice out their members’ guide fees and social welfares.HPI offers services to our members but also communicates to those in search of the services of professional area specific tourist guides and where to hire them, as well as actively to promote our members’ professionalism to industry partners worldwide.

The day-to-day running of the HPI is the responsibilities of the executive board of DPP, DPD, DPC whose members are elected by delegates of the members for a 4 year period at each Convention. To take a position on the Executive Board one has to know that such a position means complete involvement, dedication and many hours of work. Executive Board Members who are elected must be actively practicing tourist guides who are not tour operators, or tourist guide employers.The official language of the Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia.

However the HPI 20011-2015 Board represents the following languages: English, French, Spanish,  German, Russia, Dutch, Hindi  and Chinese.



One Response to ABOUT HPI SULUT

  1. Sharlis Diawang says:

    Dear,…Indonesian Tourist Guide Association – Chapter North Sulawesi

    Thank you for counting the profile of DPC HPI Talaud Island on this side. we’ll so please be waiting on April for legalized us as well. See you

    Sharlis Diawang

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